How about discovering 5 traditional villages?

Apokoronas region

  Private Half-day tour 

 July - August

Duration of the trip: 6 hours (approximately)
Pick up time: Around 08:00 am


Trail length: 7 km
Duration of the hike: 2.5 hours (approximately)
Difficulty: Easy
Drinking water: At the start and at the end of the hikes
What is included
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch
  • Transfer from and to your hotel
  • English, French, Spanish speaking tour leader
Elevation Plot
Elevation plot of our 2 trails
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Follow the old paths between the villages and visit ancient sites, old olive stone mills, a folklore museum and Venetian wells.

Discover the history, the people, the economy and the Cretan way of living through time.

Crete is a place of beauty. Medical and aromatic plants that work wonders, birds and animals that can only be seen here, sea and sand that make you think of utopia. This could be the child of a marriage between Europe and Africa in the place where the African tectonic plate is being swept under the Aegean Sea Plate.

This mosaic of history, mythology, gallantry and natural beauty is a challenge that you can’t resist walking through. This guide is intended to provide you with a stepping stone that we hope will offer you quality vacation and a better glimpse of this place, its history and people. Make the first step and don’t stop. It is a never-ending journey.