Play and learn at a pottery workshop

Play with clay and learn about ancient civilisations

Private Half-day tour

 July - August



Duration of the trip: 6 hours (approximately)
Pick up time: Around 08:00 am
What is included
 Picnic - pottery workshop
Transfer from and to your hotel - Tour leader
+ One free copy of our book "Crete south west"
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Idols, maquettes, seals, utensils and inscriptions:

Clay was an integral part of everyday activities of ancient civilizations. In Crete from the Minoans, and after clay is found everywhere! Through these findings we learn about the arts and know-how of the ancient civilizations. How was life without plastic, aluminum and paper? Little archeologists will get to explore the hill of Ancient Kastelos and discover its history. From there we will walk the stone built path of the Monastery of St Kyriaki and finally reach at a pottery workshop where we will create our own history.


Often, during summer, kids are only satisfied when at sea, in the beach and under the sun. Apart from simple nature-oriented activities, we propose getting to know the land and its history, because no beach is like another and no tree is the same as the rest. We can fully appreciate where we are only when walking and playing with the environment that surrounds us. This way we understand the meaning and importance of the diversity and biodiversity of our planet. Educational activities in nature to discover Crete’s rich cultural and environmental history for our young friends!


Please, don't forget:

Hat - Sunscreen - Water
Sneakers or hiking shoes - Backpack - Morning Light Jacket