Not just a tour operator



  • One – day tours 

One day tours of historical, cultural, and natural interest in places that we have encountered and on paths that we invite you to walk together and discuss.


  • Multi – day tours

Themed (or not) multi – day tours for a deeper knowledge of land and self.


  • Tailor – made tours

Uniquely designed tours according to your interests, your limits and your quests.


  • Cultural activities in Nature

One day activities of an educational and fun character for families


  • Sport tourism

Outdoor activities, sports


  • Publications

Books, travel guides, informative publications on cultural and natural interpretation. For all those interested in reading and learning about local histories, beautiful trails and paths, local flora and fauna, different places to visit, where to stay and where to try gastronomic and local cuisines.


  • Research – substantiation – digitization –promotion of intangible cultural heritage

Our goal is to preserve what we read, learn and record so that it can be used by others for educational or promotional reasons. Oral tradition and cultural folklore contain influential details and information which are part of each locality’s intangible cultural heritage and together with the built and natural environment constitute the identity of each place. As these identities are evolving it is important to preserve their values and attributes, in history through digitisation.