Geopark Vikos Aoos

A laboratory of nature

In 2010 the Vikos-Aoos region, part of Northern Pindos National Park, became a Geopark. Due to its unique geological heritage there are numerous geosites with a wide range of geological aspects. They form a landscape of incomparable beauty. Natural processes have carved out an impressive relief. The steep rocky mountaintops alternate with deep gorges and hill sides with lush vegetation. Tectonic structures, glacial remnants, alpine lakes, rock shelters, caves, waterfalls and river terraces designate Vikos-Aoos Geopark (greek=γεωπάρκο Βίκου Αώου) as a unique and exceptional destination.

A geopark is defined as a territory with a particular geological heritage of international significance, rarity or aesthetic appeal, which is developed as part of an integrated concept of conservation, education and local economic development. Heritage sites within the geopark can be related not only to geology, but also to archaeology, ecology, history and culture.

Geosites are the geological-geomorphological occurrences and forms that represent significant moments in the history of the Earth. They are important witnesses of the long evolution or show recent physical, geological processes that continue to evolve on the Earth’s surface. Geosites as a total constitute a geological heritage.