Learn, hike and explore the Psiloritis Natural Park 

Psiloritis Natural Park is located on the beautiful Island of Crete, in southern Aegean, Greece. It has an area of 1159 Km2, with 157 settlements and towns and a population of about 42234 inhabitants (population density 36.4 inh/Km2).

The Natural Park comprises the Psiloritis mountains and its northern coastal zone in central Crete. Psiloritis is the highest mountain of Crete standing 5 km over Mediterranean sea-bottom. It is an area with a rich history and mythology too. It is the area where Zeus, the king of ancient Greek gods, grow up, the area where the Idaion Andro cave (in Nida plateau), the most important religious site in Minoan period in Crete occurs, and also the classical town of Eleytherna. The Natural Park combines the unique Natural Environment (part of the area is participating in the Natura 2000 network), the long history, the individual customs and tradition and the outstanding civilization with the fascinating geology.


Source: Psiloritis National Park


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