My passion for nature begun when I was at the Technical University of Crete studying Environmental and Mineral Resources Engineering. I became a climber and speleologist and on a trip in Zagori region I fell in love with the breathtaking landscape, natural environment and cultural history. After graduating I decided I couldn’t spend my life living in the city so I returned in Zagori in 2009 determined to devote my life in this fascinating area.

I have lived here for six years and observed all the changes in the natural environment during the 4 seasons. Now I have a deeper understanding of the diverse elements that comprise that magnificent and unique area. Last year I completed my master degree in mapping geotrails in Zagori, which is part of Vikos-Aoos Geopark founded in 2010. To me, the geopark provides the context for the best learning experience. It blends some of the most scenic views in the world with unique geology, ecosystems and surrounding cultures that has managed to remain untouched by the industrialized world. In this sense, visiting this region is like traveling back in time!

Georgia Kanellopoulou